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You have seen the ads, you know what I mean, those commercials on T.V of a washed up celebrity touting gold whilst riding a horse or standing on a battle ship! Maybe you have heard the sponsored ads on your favourite radio station with the famous on-air personality really pushing Gold and giving that Gold company a hard solid plug? Well, all those big endorsement dollars go straight out of your pocket into theirs.

Gold Companies can afford to pay for these extravagant advertising campaigns because a high proportion of them are selling gold coins and bars to you at a 30% spread! Yes, you read that correctly – 30%!

You, the consumer are being duped by hard selling sales guys and girls, so they can make their commissions and put less gold in your hands and more dollars in the coffers of the salesman and the company!

Well thats America for you and a capitalist society!  If you cant beat them then join them right!….Wrong, the answer is NO and this is why GoldIRA.com was created, why pay more when you can pay less! We do the sourcing so you do the savings.

But how is this possible you may ask?

Now there may be some very annoyed Gold business owners out there when I open the lid on this industry.  In order for these Gold companies to pay the big T.V celebrities, run the ads on FOX T.V at $7000 a spot for 60 seconds! and also pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to national on-air radio personalities….and of course the air time itself, think a million plus a year in advertising, someone has to pay for that and yes you guessed……IT’S YOU!  Well not any more, GoldIRA.com is disrupting this industry with a business model that allows us to offer precious metals at unbeatable prices.

This is not a gimmick or misprint but a FACT.

GoldIRA.com offers all bullion products at 3% over dealer cost. We are estimated to be 83% less expensive than are national competitors, wait stop….did you hear that…? We are estimated to be 83% less expensive than the national competitors!

The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. GoldIRA.com will beat any dealer advertised price, even from the internet, or receive $500 cash from us, we call that our confidence Guarantee.

Now start saving and pick up that phone and buy precious metals at the best possible prices in the nation, from the trusted source that thousands have turned to. Get excited, remember we are 83% less expensive, call our competition (if we can call it that!) we encourage you!

The GoldIRA.com Team

The best things in life are always the simple ones, and here at GoldIRA.com we’re keeping it very simple, we do the sourcing so you do the savings.



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