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Savvy investors know to spread investments across multiple assets. A combination of gold bullion and mutual funds gives your retirement portfolio the flexibility you want in order to earn significant gains you can enjoy once you retire. Here you can learn how to enjoy the perks of including mutual funds and gold in your retirement portfolio.

Why invest in mutual funds

Mutual funds are a highly dynamic financial instrument with the capacity to ride the bulls and bears of the market. The strategy behind mutual funds is to spread your investment across a number of financial vehicles that offset losses with gains. If one stock falls another will rise.

However, investing in mutual funds is complex and requires a great deal of planning. Only investors with knowledge of money markets are advised to invest in mutual funds independently. Otherwise, investors are recommended to hand over the management of funds to an experienced professional.

Although investing in mutual funds incurs entry and exit costs, the fees are relatively low. Furthermore, mutual funds are highly liquid, so you can withdraw and cash in your earnings within a matter of hours. Some equity funds are also free of capital gains tax if you hold them for more than a year.

Why invest in gold

Gold has been used as a source of money for thousands of years and can be used as an investment asset as well as a functional commodity. This highly-prized precious metal creates a foundation of safety as a source of wealth that will always have value. As a long-term investment tool, gold has a high chance of delivering gains on capital.

Professional traders invest in gold to offset losses in other asset classes. Gold is purchased to hedge against the decline of paper-based assets and the declining value of fiat currencies. As the value of the US dollar continues to fall and create higher prices and inflation, gold is resistant to fluctuation in the market and is a safe haven that can be used as a defense against a financial catastrophe.

Because of the high demand for gold across numerous industries, together with collectors of gold coins, gold bullion represents an asset that is high in liquidity and easy to offload. Although we do not recommend savers to invest in gold alone, buying gold and other precious metals is a sensible option with which to diversify your retirement portfolio.

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Making a decision whether to invest in gold or mutual funds may depend on your current circumstances. The best option is to include both in your retirement portfolio, but you should also buy financial assets at the right time.

Gold IRA provide professional advice and assistance to ensure our customers are well informed when it comes to building your retirement portfolio. We believe the best way to enjoy your retirement is to protect your retirement funds.

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