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When creating a retirement portfolio, both gold and shares are attractive options to protect your retirement funds. Whilst the rewards of equities promise to be big, buying shares also carry a bigger risk during economic downturns. Gold, on the other hand, represents a safe long-term investment that protects your retirement funds against financial uncertainty.

Profitable dividends

Investing in equities can be profitable. In a strong economy when businesses are thriving, investors can receive handsome returns from dividends. However, in order to recover notable dividends, you have to invest a significant sum of money in a profitable business.

For most investors, the amount of income you recover on shares in a company will be minimal. You also need to support businesses that experience fast growth and are under the radar with other investors. Whilst established companies promise guaranteed dividends, a high number of shareholders lower the returns.

The digital age offers new opportunities to invest in companies that are exploring new and exciting technologies in emerging markets. Although highly volatile, there are opportunities in the equities market that show encouraging signs of making gains in the short term and the long-term.

The risk of investing in shares

While investing in shares helps to fund your retirement portfolio, there is also a greater risk. History shows that financial instruments in this category have destroyed the purchasing power of investors even when receiving annual dividends. There is also a danger that companies fall into insolvency and swallow your investment in its entirety.

Investors should be mindful when buying shares. Currency-backed investments are a dangerous asset to hold in a retirement fund because the threat of economic instability is very high. As the US government and other countries around the world mount up debts, the future of fiat currencies and the equities they support are destined to collapse.

History shows that financial markets cannot guarantee retirement funds will safeguard wealth. The success and failure of stock markets rely on unstable systems. Precious metals sit outside these systems. Gold may not generate huge short-term dividends, but the risks are lower and in light of an impending credit crash, the potential rewards are greater.

Invest in gold coins

There are several ways to invest in gold. EFT’s, or “paper-gold” is the least reliable method whilst gold bullion in the form of bars and coins is a physical asset that does not disappear into the digital ether. Coins represent the most flexible option as they are in high demand and can be liquidated faster than bars.

Because gold is a physical asset, it is regarded as a safe investment. Gold coins are highly sought after by collectors and never go out of fashion, thus is seen as a reliable asset that can be used to diversify any retirement portfolio.

Planning for retirement is speculative and deciding which investments will best protect your retirement fund is not an easy choice to make. The strongest investment portfolios contain a blend of gold and other precious metals alongside various equities, particularly emerging companies you have a faith in to succeed.

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