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When you purchase precious metals for a Gold IRA with, you have the choice of storing your gold at home or in a high-security storage facility. When you store physical gold at home you have 100% control and responsibility over your assets. This option gives you a cost advantage in that you avoid having to pay storage fees and can act promptly to sell precious metals when they are trading at a strong price.  Should you choose to store your precious metal products at home, will help you set up a Home Storage account and arrange to have your assets delivered to your door.

Insured Precious Metals Delivery

If you prefer to keep your precious metals at home, GoldIRA offers a secure insured delivery service. We carry a $100 million shipping insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London and can transport metals anywhere across the United States.  This means we are able to provide prompt, safe and discreet delivery to your home or other location of your choice.

Discreet, Next-Day Delivery

We only use recognized delivery services that we can rely on to provide a discreet and un-compromised service; USPS and FedEx. The package is free from advertising and delivered directly to your doorstep within 24-hours.

Trackable and Insured

Your package will be given a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your metals from the moment it leaves our vaults until it is safely delivered and signed for. Not only that, but we also provide free insurance coverage for your order  in full which is applicable until signed delivery is confirmed with your signature.  While home storage is the preferred option for many of our customers, it is not a viable option for everyone. The alternative is to store your gold at the high-security storage unit at Delaware Depository.

About Delware Depository

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, the Delaware Depository is the largest precious metals storage unit outside New York.  Conveniently located near major transportation hubs, but away from potential threats associated with political and financial targets, the Delaware Depository is a recognized stronghold for the safe storage of precious metals.  Furthermore, Delaware is relatively untouched by natural disasters and the state does not impose any sales tax on purchases, administration or storage of precious metals.

The high-security facility is part of the CME group and licensed by the ICE Futures US for the storage of gold and silver. Delaware Depository is also equipped to provide a full range of specialist services for the storage of platinum and palladium. The vaults are fitted with time locks and automatic re-locking devices, and access is restricted and regulated by dual control procedures. Not only that, but activity in and around Delaware Depository is digitally recorded and the entire facility is protected by numerous alarms and security devices, all of which are independently monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As the investor, you are recognized as the sole owner and title holder of all bullion purchased in your name. Furthermore, bullion held at the Delaware Depository is protected by the Bank Protection Act and UL standards.

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