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GoldIRA.com may be new to the precious metals market, but our team of experts are not new to the financial profession. As a matter of fact, it is because of our involvement, and our dismay, with the existing system that we decided to establish GoldIRA.

The driving purpose behind GoldIRA.com is to establish an opportunity for investors to buy gold and other precious metals without being overcharged. We put our customers first because we care about your financial future.

It’s no secret that precious metals are a potential lifeline that help to boost your investment portfolio. Self-Directed Gold IRA’s provide a potential solution to give you more spending power when you retire.

At least they should!

In reality, precious metal dealers that charge a 30% spread on gold bars and coins erode your savings.   Well, not anymore! GoldIRA has been created in order to reinvent the precious metals market and ensure that our customers do not pay over the odds.  We intend to disrupt the finance industry by creating a business model that puts the customer first and allows us to offer precious metals at unbeatable prices.  Our commission fees are only 3% over dealer prices. We can guarantee you won’t find an authentic offer like that anywhere else!  

Our Credentials

  • Over 50 years of combined experience in the precious metal industry
  • 100% professional
  • Proven specialists in GoldIRA accounts
  • Bullion guarantee
  • In-house Bullion DNA Authentication Unit, for your peace of mind
  • Member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA)
  • Member of the Industry for Tangible Assets (ICTA)

Excellent Customer Service

Not only do we offer the lowest fees on precious metal purchases, we also intend to provide the best customer service as well. We don’t want to provide good customer service. We’re not even satisfied in providing great customer service.

We aim to provide legendary customer service!

GoldIRA will beat any gold price advertised by an authentic dealer, even from the internet. If we don’t, you receive $500 cash from us. This is what we call that our confidence Guarantee.

Our philosophy in life is to keep things simple, and our three-step solution to setting up a Gold IRA could not be easier. We do the sourcing, you do the savings.

Why pay more when you can pay less!

So why not join GoldIRA for the start of our new journey – and enjoy the benefits we provide that other precious metal dealers don’t.

Invest in a Gold today with GoldIRA.com



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