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Silver IRA


At Capital Gold Group, we are passionate about safeguarding your retirement funds, and we know that gold is a vitally important part of every retirement portfolio.

Any assets currently held in a Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE or ROTH IRA are eligible for liquidation and transfer, in whole or in part, into direct ownership of physical precious metals in a qualified, self-directed Precious Metals IRA plan, while maintaining their current tax status.

The precious metals recommended by Capital Gold Group for ownership in a Precious Metals IRAs are Proof Gold American Eagles and Proof Silver American Eagles, limited edition bullion coins offering growth potential based both on their bullion weight and scarcity, making them a perfect choice for long-term retirement funds. Based on their track record of consistent, stable performance exceeding that of common bullion, Proof Gold and Proof Silver American Eagles in a Precious Metals IRA provide an added advantage for the IRA Account holder.

Your Precious Metals IRA Specialist will provide you with the Application used to set up your new self-directed Precious Metals IRA, whether it is Traditional, Roth, or SEP, and the Transfer Request Form, which is your directive to your current custodian as to the current IRA assets you wish to liquidate and transfer into direct ownership of physical metals in your new Precious Metals IRA.

Your Precious Metals IRA Specialist can also help you determine the eligibility of your funds for transfer and will assist you in completing the IRA Application and Transfer Request Form. However, since our Precious Metals IRA Specialists are not financial advisors, the decision regarding the IRA assets you wish to liquidate and protect in physical precious metals is ultimately yours. You may wish to consult your broker, CPA, tax preparer or financial advisor before making this decision. Your Precious Metals IRA Specialist however, can guide you into a balanced retirement portfolio that includes direct ownership of real precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Please review the Precious Metals IRA process for details on how the transaction works.

Self Directed IRA Services, a national leader among IRA custodians that handle precious metals, administers our clients’ accounts, and their licensed, insured storage provider is Delaware Depository Service Company. Overviews of both companies detailing their internal safeguards in place for your protection are available on this website. Please review the Self Directed IRA Fee Schedule or speak to your Precious Metals RA Specialist regarding the start up and annual renewal fees.

The consequences of your IRA investment decisions today will be felt in your “golden years”. Therefore, give careful consideration as to what owning gold and other precious metals in your retirement account could make possible for you.